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 2004 Hall of Fame Induction Weekend 
Read more about the members of the Hall of Fame 2004 Charter Class
Norm Zigrossi (center) with Andrew Richley and Brad Mills:

"Climbing the ladder at the FBI was hard work and scary at times. At the TVA, there were never enough hours in a day. But now that I'm sitting here between a guy in camouflage paint and a ghoul, yeah, I'd have to say it's been worth it!"
Viewed: 1028 times.
Rose Sapienza Mead, Erika Fisher, Brenda Krause Eheart, Brittany Kennedy. Oh yeah... Hi Mark! (Kingsley)
Viewed: 946 times.
"Well, yeah, I suppose I could help you with your biology... could I finish my dessert first?"

Pete Gerone with Lindsey Thurber
Viewed: 902 times.
"He wants to go to Ohio State??? Get that kid into a skirt!"

Mike Woodward finds time to give some counseling advice
Viewed: 924 times.
Bill Bostwick helped conceive of the Hall of Fame and win its approval, then took care of seemingly every detail in making the weekend happen flawlessly.

Here, he introduces the inductees to the student body at an outdoor pep rally
Viewed: 876 times.
"Put us in Coach... we're ready to play today!"

Rose Sapienza Mead, Pete Gerone, Norm Zigrossi, Brenda Krause Eheart, Mark Kingsley, Jim King
Viewed: 914 times.
Rose Sapienza Mead and Pete Gerone
Viewed: 815 times.
Brenda Krause Eheart acknowledges the cheers of the OACS students
Viewed: 866 times.
"Where else would you rather be than right here, right now?"

Manhattanites Mark Kingsley and Jim King agree that Washington Square Park has nothing on this
Viewed: 881 times.
Raising the bar:

Two generations of Woodwards ran to OACS football glory on the field behind him, but Mike Woodward just set a new standard of achievement for his family and community
Viewed: 911 times.
A sign of a wonderful evening to come
Viewed: 808 times.
Jim King, Buck Betters, Brenda Krause Eheart
Viewed: 863 times.
Buck Betters, Don Boyce, Ray Cianfrini
Viewed: 830 times.
Rose Sapienza Mead and Mike Woodward
Viewed: 745 times.
Jordan Doyle presents Buck Betters with his Hall of Fame crystal
Viewed: 819 times.
"Well, I guess I sometimes get a chuckle from Looney Tunes..."

Ken Motts contemplates his knowledge of animation while waiting to accept Teresa Drilling's induction on her behalf
Viewed: 804 times.
Ray Cianfrini
Viewed: 789 times.
Pete Gerone hugs Lindsey Thurber after her memorable presentation speech
Viewed: 825 times.
Brenda Krause Eheart and Rose Mead
Viewed: 881 times.
Presenter Erika Fisher and Brenda Krause Eheart
Viewed: 803 times.
Andrew Langdon congratulates Rose Sapienza Mead after presenting her for induction
Viewed: 793 times.
Lindsey Geyer after presenting Mike Woodward for induction
Viewed: 856 times.
Andrew Richley congratulates Norm Zigrossi
Viewed: 827 times.
Dave George at the podium
Viewed: 808 times.
"11 great lives; one great school district"

The plaques for the charter class
Viewed: 808 times.
Longtime OACS teacher, principal, and superintendent Robert Beswick, who touched the lives of most of the newly-inducted members
Viewed: 893 times.
The Charter Class of the Oakfield-Alabama Alumni Hall of Fame:

Norm Zigrossi, Don Boyce, Ray Cianfrini, Buck Betters, Pete Gerone, Jim King, Mark Kingsley, Brenda Krause Eheart, Rose Sapienza Mead, Mike Woodward

Charter member Teresa Drilling was finishing a film in the UK
Viewed: 855 times.
"Ya done good, Don!"

Don Boyce with Bob Beswick
Viewed: 898 times.
Rose Sapienza Mead helps teach Dave George the difference between stature of height and stature of achievement
Viewed: 974 times.
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